Gatis Didrihsons
Eva Staņeviča

„Mežaparka birojs” is a modern and sustainable Class A office building, part of the unique real estate development concept „Mežaparka Rezidences”. The building has an excellent location for business growth that offers tenants the possibility to enjoy the harmony of Mežaparks while being only a 10-minute drive away from the center of Riga at the same time.

The office building was designed by architect Gatis Didrihsons (Didrihsons arhitekti) so it would fit in the overall concept of “Mežaparka Rezidences”, preserving the characteristic of low-rise buildings and privacy of Mežaparks.

By choosing the iconic Molteni&C and Artifort furniture, designer Eva Staņeviča created an interior design that embodies lasting elegance.

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