Trentini group since 2002, but its founder Mareks Nemme since 1997, promotes the creation of an aesthetic and high-quality environment, offering a wide range of high-quality and modern interior design products – furniture, lighting, finishing materials and other interior accessories.

Since 2009, Trentini group companies can be found under one roof – at Sapņu Fabrika (Dream Factory), where the interior design gallery Trentini was created. The interior architecture of the gallery was developed by Vēsma Kontere McQuillan, a Latvian-born architect living in Norway. Vēsma combined features of an exhibition hall and a design studio, creating an interior that is well thought-through, harmonious, modern, and high-quality.

As the company developed and grew, new horizons and premises were sought.  In the summer of 2020, Trentini opened the doors of its new showroom in the very heart of the quiet center of Riga in a renovated 19th century building at 8 Strēlnieku Street. The new showroom is not just new premises, a new exposition, or additional square meters, it is a new beginning at another level, allowing to strive for even greater harmony, aesthetics, and quality. The new showroom reflects Trentini‘s primary task – to be a guide to contemporary design, by closely focusing on quality, innovation, and sustainability.

The author of the interior design of Trentini’s showroom is architect Zane Tetere-Šulce, who looks at every detail of the design as part of the whole ensemble and believes that it is not enough for a design to have a function, it must also be given a personality.

Along with the new showroom, Trentini‘s new identity – Space and Design – was created in cooperation with Overpriced.

Trentini is a guide to modern interior design. A place where anyone can fulfill the dream of living or working in an aesthetic, modern, and high-quality environment.  Here anyone can meet sustainable design, learn about the latest trends, and receive personal consultations.


Kitchen is an area that distinguishes a home from a hotel. The most essential element of a kitchen is convenient and functional working environment that can be achieved by a professional planning of a kitchen, necessary technical equipment, and a proficient and reliable manufacturer of high-quality kitchen furniture. Such manufacturer is Arclinea – Italian brand and manufacturer who aims to produce harmonic, innovative and creative kitchen equipment. “When a kitchen is a home, then a home is everything that spins around a kitchen”, Arclinea.


Light is one of the most important components of any project. Light sets down not only how bright a room is, but also how a person's life is shaped. As a matter of course, lighting is essential in a theatre – both in a theatre of art and in a theatre of life. Lighting design, professional consultations and precise answers about any type of decorative, architectural and external lighting – from private interior to public premises.


A form that follows a function and (as interpreted by Oscar Niemeyer) beauty. After dismounting a design object into pieces, it reminds a beetle, a dragonfly, or a butterfly — its' precise and virtuous system does not have a single unnecessary detail. In its form, material, and function, this system is perfect to the smallest screw. Its elegance and quality stand above time and fashion. It is awarded and exhibited in art museums and is created with a simple mission, which has stayed unchangeable for decades, — to solve problems and satisfy needs in a smart and beautiful way.


Modern and smart planning of environment is an important prerequisite for any company which moves towards success. Ergonomic and functional arrangement of a conceptually relevant interior has turned into a valuable business investment that ensures effectiveness of office work. Planning of office premises and drafting of concepts, solutions for individual workstations, formal and informal meeting zones, conference rooms and recreation areas from industry-leading office furniture manufacturers.


Diversity of finishes, textures, and materials. Flooring made of tiles, mosaic, wood, vinyl and rubber, wallpapers, carpets and other exclusive deco materials for those who appreciate quality and choose to live in a beauty.


A bathroom is a place where a day begins and it should begin beautifully. Depending on your wishes, it will begin with expressive forms or reserved elegance, bold colours or natural shades of materials. Quality plumbing, bathroom furniture, fittings, and bathroom accessories.


Precision of technologies, skilfulness and braveness for experimenting is exactly what turns a technical concept of “warm design” into an ambitious design masterpiece. Thanks to different variations of nuanced solutions which cover different expressive styles, from architectonic up to artistic, warm has turned into an elegant complement of an architectural and interior. We also offer design heaters, towel dryers, convectors, and bioethanol fireplaces.


The best and most qualitative materials to dress up your interior. Exclusive textile and interior fabric will serve as an excellent addition to any room and will function as a background and an interior accent. Soft draperies create an atmosphere of homeliness and relax, fluttering voiles bring in motion and dynamics, while sharp and static lines complement geometrical perfection of an interior. Upholstery, bedclothes, accessories, professional textile style and design.