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It is not often that one can be part of a large project that is not only beautiful and architecturally significant, but also with its own special story.

The Trentini lighting team had the honor and opportunity to design and work on the lighting at the restored building of ROCHE Latvia that the company bought from the state in 2016. It is a two-story building at 25 Miera Street in Riga that was built in 1932-1933 for Roche ‘s production and office needs. The building was designed by the Latvian architect Aleksandrs Klinklāvs, who was one of the first health care building architects in Latvia. Now, after the renovation, Roche returns to its historical home, where the company’s office and innovation laboratory will be located.

The primary task of the Trentini lighting team was to achieve that the lighting is not only functional, but also esthetic, high quality, and would meet the client’s wishes. Considering the specific nature of the customer’s work – work with computers, the best lighting must be ensured, moreover it must not be too bright, but at the same time it must be nearly invisible.


Lighting in breakout rooms, conference rooms – VIBIA, LUCEPLAN.

Office desk lighting – MOLTOLUCE, DELTALIGHT.

Outdoor lighting – ARES, VIABIZZUNO.


Author of the building’s restoration project – Didrihsons arhitekti (Gatis Didrihsons, Ineta Solzemniece-Saleniece) in cooperation with Kristians Drande and Kaspars Ķīsis.


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