Vīna Studija

Kārlis Melzobs
Mārtiņš Pīlēns
Raimonds Galuza

“Vīna studija” (Wine Studio) is urban culture project of 1PLUS1 (Martins Pilens, Karlis Melzobs, and Raimonds Galuza) that has reorganized the bustling corner of Terbatas Street and Stabu Street in Riga. “Vīna studija” shop, bar and restaurant is the company’s fourth spot in Latvia. This project has created a unified spacious and aesthetic concept that merged different functions and demonstrated a “masculine” approach to materials and details. Uncovered construction elements, concrete flooring, a bar and a blackboard with robust lighting rails, classic design elements, and design furniture of 1PLUS1 create a multi-layer environment and demonstrate diverse usage options.

“Vīna studija” restaurant at the corner of Stabu Street is furnished with Flos, Ligne Roset luminaries and industrial lighting rails and Zeitraum design chairs.

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