Restaurant Vairāk Saules

Anda Ozoliņa

We asked Anda, what is the smell and taste of the new interior of “Vairāk saules” restaurant and what stories does it tell.

Anda: “The new concept of “Vairāk saules” restaurant reveals that people should be in harmony with the environment – aesthetically, naturally, and emotionally. Creating of a pleasant and nice feeling in the premises was more important than focusing on the newest design trends. The chain of “Vairāk saules” restaurants is 10 years old, and within this time the owners have understood the following – if people have chosen going out to eat, why not create a homelike environment also in a restaurant? My major consideration for the restaurant interior is HOMELINESS, and this restaurant is not an exception. Thanks to the colour gamut and natural materials like wood, plastering, wallpapers, linen, I managed to create a mood that makes people feel naturally and harmonically. It smells like a good feeling!”

The walls on both floors of the restaurant are covered with Wall & Deco wallpapers.

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