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Location: Vidzeme seaside


This is a story about a dream cherished by interior design enthusiast Violeta – a HOUSE whose soul is filled with nature, a family’s heaven surrounded by vibrations of the salty sea air and the rustling of the pine forest, a place where the surrounding environment and the exterior imperceptibly blend together.

The dream of Violeta has just now come true. Together with the teams of Trentini and Honka, extensive and responsible work was carried out. A wooden house encircled by a seaside pine forest. The family’s pets – a papillon and two whippets – also appreciate and enjoy the work performed by their owners. They are happy that they can casually lounge in the sofa because one of Violeta’s requests was for the furniture to be easy-to-clean. The family house is unique with its owner, who without any professional knowledge in architecture or interior design has achieved in under a year a splendid result and wonderfully managed to face interior design challenges. Nature that is all around the house harmoniously enters the inside of the house. It was her vision and aim to create a harmonious, esthetic, spacious, ergonomic and easy-to-clean house, using natural resources, as well as sustainable and carefully considered design.

“Initially, I was afraid that the wooden house will look like a country house as it is usual in Latvian farmsteads. However, thanks to Trentini and its professional team, with which a true friendship and synergy was established, we created an elegant and harmonious environment that combines natural materials, modern technologies and beautiful design elements.”

Wood, stone, green moss, light and spaciousness are the words that characterize this building both from the outside and the inside With careful planning and selection, Violeta together with her husband and Trentini team managed to create from a seemingly ascetic building a house with a modern and tasteful touch that is filled with nature and advanced equipment. For example, the natural stone fireplace can be operated, using an app on the smartphone. The building embodies modern classics that transform every hour thanks to the natural sunlight that flows into the house from all sides. A vibrant, dynamic and changing environment. A successful example of how natural materials and a seemingly simple construction project can be turned into a masterpiece, by finding and choosing the most suitable elements for the place and its residents. Wild materials, which are usually rough, in this case have been processed to a smooth and silky-warm texture.

Over the course of the construction planning, various color stages were experienced. Initially, the owners were drawn to shades of Islandic volcanic stone. Dark, black, grey. Then, the planning continued, the white color dominated. Spaciousness and purity of the spirit. In the end, the house and nature organically interacted and the wooden house was complemented with a black stone wall, a grey modular sofa, an airy white bedroom, a green moss wall and other combinations of shades and materials that similarly project the surrounding environment. The resulting color scheme, the interior design and the placement of the furniture create additional space, allows to breathe more freely and to think with greater focus. Thanks to the instinctive and thought-through arrangement of the house by Violeta, energy circulates and there is a pleasant energy in the family nest.

It is funny that Violeta entered the Trentini salon on a chilly winter evening to find a fireplace for her house, but a as a result the entire house was decorated and it was only then, when the work was coming to an end, that she understood that she forgot to buy a fireplace. It was like a dot on an “i”, with which everything began and concluded. The fire of life.

Brands that created a spark in Violeta’s eyes and were chosen as a harmonious addition to the house:

Planika — fireplace

Molteni&C — wardrobe and closets

Arclinea — kitchen furniture

Edra — dining table chairs

Bontempi Casa — dining table and coffee tables

Ligne Roset — bedroom furniture

Foglio D’oro — decorative paneling of the bedroom walls

Molto Luce — spotlights installed on tracks

Flos — design lighting

B&B Italia — sofa

Ligne Roset; 101 Copenhagen — accessories, vases

Rexa; Inbani; Fantini; Ever Life Design; Casabath; Tubes; Inalco; Decor Walther — bathroom furniture and products

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