Monica Förster Bitossi Ceramiche

The creative idea and inspiration came to Monica Forster from a glance outside the window…. ‘Out of my window there is a courtyard with white furniture and green plants. – says Monica – One day, while I was working, a little white bird perched on one of these plants. For an istant he looked at me and flew away. ‘ This is the inspiration for the Bird vase. A moment of life and a vision turn into a cue and the cue becomes a creation. Bird: a sculptural element in its form, conceived to be a low vase and even just a decoration for the table. A vase low enough to facilitate the conversation with whoever is in front of us or near. The finishing of the ceramic is white and in a shiny version so that the flowers contained in the vase can mirror on the surface of the object itself. The vase stretches its shape unusually and dynamically upon an horizontal level and it features two openings. Besides white, it is also available in black and platinum.

H 12 cm L 42 cm P 14 cm