VENEZIA Countertop

Matteo Thun,Antonio Rodriguez Fantini

Glass on glass. Transparencies on colours. The high level of craftsmanship of Murano blown glass, expressed through an exact geometrical rigour: that is the Venezia series.
The mixer range are inspired to canons of elegance and quality of the project that it is expressed with evidence in the care for the detail. The high craftsmanship of Murano hand-blown glass merging with a precise and rigorous geometry: this is the new line of Venezia taps. Cores of colored glass enclosed in solids of transparent bevelled glass, resembling fossils of the new millennium immersed in crystals which protect them from the ravages of time. The metal gives a new style with finishes shining and declined in an exact geometric sign and the become a precious detail of the collection and the Fantini brand. The result is an object with vibrant edging and contours which are simultaneously clean-cut and fluid. An object that stands for absolute and ironic forms, as reflected in its square and exagonal sections respectively, both paying tribute to a liquid mechanics, or they reminder of other exclusive and precious objects of daily use. In this way the Venezia line is the first taps icon of the understood luxury as discreet elegance and allusive.

3-Hole washbasin mixer – handle of Murano glass.