Giovanni Busetti Rexa design

TAUL is a bathroom cabinet made from an old carpenter’s table restored and transformed with a few simple interventions, in an freestanding vanity unit for bathroom, where the washbasin in Corian ™, made with latest generation technologies is melted with the traditional Friulian and Italian woodworking, typical of the Friuli district in which Rexa works. This old carpenter table represents at the same time innovation and our background, past and future: an item can be appreciated by our parents and our children also. This is the meaning of the laboratory Rexa, a connection of values, a place where growing looking back to the past, to the history and to the tradition of manufacturing but facing the future also.
A place to create projects 100% “original” made in Italy that can be the expression of quality and beauty, and that can witness in the international markets the typical Italian capacity of doing, thinking, solving and growing. The project will now be put into production, each piece will be unique.